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Little Laces Clogs

Bunny ears, bunny ears, playing by a tree. Criss-crossed the tree, trying to catch me. Bunny ears, Bunny ears, jumped into the hole, popped out the other side beautiful and bold. This would make a whole lot more sense if these clogs actually had laces.


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Why no APO? Military Wooters around the world are feeling neglected.


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Got some of these one of the last times and my boy loves them. He wears them all of the time and they have held up (granted it's only been a month or two).

Let's see the quality impulse buys!
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alissaackley wrote:Why no APO? Military Wooters around the world are feeling neglected.

I'm sorry. We very much respect and love our military folks.

Our drop ship sales usually don't ship to PO Boxes because they use FedEx. FedEx won't ship to PO Boxes. Military = PO Boxes.

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anyone know how these fit?

also if i buy 2 different sizes can i return the one that doesn't fit?


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I bought these the last time they were offered and they do not fit well. The ones I ordered for my 2 y/o ran small and the ones I ordered for my 4 y/o ran big. Also, the ankle strap seemed to be too small on both pair.


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Purchased these the last time through and I thought it might be a good idea to share our sizing issues. Youth Size 1 ran extremely large, whereas 7 toddler was only slightly large but the ankle straps were a bit smaller than I would like. I think this may be a flaw with all of these being at least slightly off-sized.