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Lil' Rider Motorcycles

Did you see The Place Beyond The Pines recently? Boy, that Ryan Gosling part was great, right? Now, with one of these bikes, your little one can relive the heartbreaking emptiness of being a carny with no place to go. Just think, in the '70s, kids would have played Fonzie. Still, time marches on...


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That sure is one cute kid!


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Read some comments on other websites, not too good.


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rhh33672 wrote:Read some comments on other websites, not too good.

5 of 5 stars from two reviews on Overstock.

4.5 of 5 stars from three reviews on Amazon.

2 of 5 stars from four reviews on Squallmart's site.

No reviews on Kmart's, BJ's, or HSN's sites.

Total reviews reviewed: nine

Breakdown of reviews:

5-star: Three (Awesome! My two-year-old loves it, despite it being targeted at three- to eight-year-old kids! Small enough to ride in the house!)

4-star: One (Trunk lid is hard to open and close [because that's what kids want most in a motorized tricycle])

3-star: None (no "meh" reviews)

2-star: Three (Loud! Too small! [guess that explains the two-year-old kid] Couldn't assemble!)

1-star: Two (Junk! No assembly instructions!)


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I just sent mine back to woot because it stopped working on us. I bought one of these for my son who is 2 and he liked it allot. Too bad it didn't work out.


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Mine hasn't even shipped yet.


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So when are these going to ship????


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rworth01 wrote:So when are these going to ship????

Have you emailed Woot Services to have them check on your order? For quicker service, make sure you include your user name and order number. support@woot.com

Have a question about your order or account? Click here to contact Woot Member Services.


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This is the biggest piece of garbage I have ordered from woot. Cheap as hell, directions are WRONG, and the music is Chinese. This thing is so poorly made I doubt if it lasts a month. I like woot and expect better quality items than this!


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I bought this and the wheels were defective to the point where I couldn't even assemble this. Even worse, not a single manufacturer can be found to contact and get a replacement part. This is a HORRIBLE product and I agree, I expect much better from Woot.


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Mine came with broken wires, biggest piece of junk.