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Art 101 225 Piece Wooden Case Art Set

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$29.99 and I believe in the links below it's been the same price as well.
Several previous sales w/comments including wootoff



Part of an earlier comment of mine about Art 101:

whatsamattaU wrote:

Typical comments included difficulty getting the marker to wash out, that this is best for little kids, that the shipping delays weren't good last time, and donating these to toy drives is a good idea.

The company that makes these is D M Creations, with contact listed in Hong Kong (not necessarily manufacturing site):


I tried summarizing everyone's questions and comments (including my own post, where I pointed to the international office in Hong Kong) about the company and origin:

"Founded in 1997,...Art 101 products are sold in department stores, arts and craft specialty stores, wholesale clubs, online stores, and catalog companies. Our home office, show room, and warehouse are all located in Dallas, Texas. Our international office is located in Hong Kong."


(in a previous woot, 722lad figured out that although Hong Kong was the Far East office, it was made in Vietnam).

When reviewing the previous woots, the key theme to me is that "any self-respecting art" student/artist would look down on this, including the low price means not top quality (including broken pieces). However, for a kid/donating as a toy, this certainly can work to introduce them to art.