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Tady Tote

If we could waterproof our kids, we would. A nice coat of sealant, and then just hose 'em off once a day. But seeing as this isn't feasible (or safe, or legal), the Tady Tote's the next best thing. And once it gets dirty, you can just throw the whole thing in the washer (the tote, not the kid).


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Why is this better than a beach towel?


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mjc613 wrote:Why is this better than a beach towel?

Thanks for your question. The Tady Tote is an all in one play mat big enough for parent and child. It is a bag in that you can leave your and your child's items in and simply fold it up around them. It has large pockets to store additional items and has a removable, plush teddy bear blanket as well. It has water resistance and is perfect for a picnic or play date or nap mat. Both outer shell and blanket are machine washable. Hope this helps!