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Educational Insights GeoSafari Tuff Cam

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The shoppers at educationalinsight.com say "that's good stuff"


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I thought it was a laser radar gun for kids. You know, play cop and clock your buddies as they ride their Big Wheels around the block.



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For the lazy, Instructions Here

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I thought it was an impact driver.

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In a book a did on buying a first digital camera, I mentioned that "if you want to spoil a child's interest in photography, buy them a camera made specifically for 'kids.'"

Invariably, these cameras use 5-10 year old technology (VGA video, for example!) repackaged to look cool.

Buy a used 5 MP decent camera for a few bucks used and let them have something halfway decent.

If they ruin it, you're out ten dollars and you know your kid isn't ready for something better.

If they really get into it and take care of it, buy them a better camera.

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After watching the Employee Test Reel, am I correct in assuming that it doesn't have image stabilization?


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Kudos to our team for putting together a last minute video to show you some sample footage.

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I noticed that this camera has one of those dangerous "pistol grips." Is it still child safe, and can it be shipped to MA and CA?


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Does anyone have experience with this? I would love to know if the good reviews elsewhere are reliable. TIA!


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i could see a cop shooting someone for video taping them with this .. "I thought it was a gun"