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Thomas The Tank Engine And His Buds

Aw, you know how it is. You're like CHOO CHOO and your best friend's all CHOO CHOO and then you're all laughin' at that mess and Mommy's like "What's up wit dat?" and she don't even know. That's trainbros, man. That's what it's about. Bond for life.


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No Trackmaster stuff?

Color me bummed out.


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I got my son the Talking Gordon last time these came around. It was defective and Gordon sounds like he is being smothered with a pillow. My son was really disappointed that he couldn't understand Gordon, but wasn't willing to give him up to be replaced. Probably an isolated incident, but, you know, FYI.


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Maybe not so isolated, hartjo1...last time I ordered the Christmas Thomas and the candy cane caboose just choked out a few sad notes before going silent entirely. This is tucked away for stocking stuffing later this year, and my kid will never know it was supposed to talk, but it didn't work like it was supposed to. Still a good deal - these are 1/3 the price elsewhere.

Unrelated: wheeeee! first post...


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remember, if you get a defective item, you can always email Support@Woot.com and we'll find a resolution. you don't have to settle for defunct products if you don't want to!

Not sure if you should post that? This slightly-nsfw-flowchart will help.


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PemberDucky wrote:remember, if you get a defective item, you can always email Support@Woot.com and we'll find a resolution. you don't have to settle for defunct products if you don't want to!

Yeah, but surely there's a time limit on that, right? This was months ago.


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Suggestions regarding (Thomas) Wooden Railway offerings in the future:

1. We've had lots and lots (and lots!!!) of wonderful engines. We need more train CARS...aquarium, zoo/animal, etc...and passenger cars (not that "Thomas" makes too many versions of passenger cars unfortunately).

2. I know Woot has offered sets from separate manufacturers before. However how about track and Thomas-"look" compatible accessories from other quality compaines? (Speaking of track, we could really use a comprehensive "variety pack" of track....short curved peices; all kinds of crossings and junctions; "dead end" track pieces to spurs; turntables; etc. Please note also that I have heard there are some small companies who don't make anything but high quality track (and at good prices) but of course Woot experts need to evaluate carefully.

3. How about Woot negotiating a SPECIAL EDITON WOOT Thomas item? This could be an engine named Monty or Montgomery (or whatever those Woot simians are called!). Or a freight car with "WOOT EXPRESS" on it? Or a flat car with Woot WOOT barrels of monkeys? Or passenger cars with something smart/cute on them like WOOTER COMMUTER? If the new owners of the Thomas line dont' want to do it, perhaps one of the other QUALITY wooden train makers might (but make it generally compatible with the Thomas look.

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According to some reviews, the Thomas toys fit on Ikea tracks.