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Stoplight Alarm Clock

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Lots of comments for this when it was offered a year ago


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4 Star Reviews

Here it is with a different character

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We bought one and it works well with our 3 year old, she's been using it for a year or longer now. Worth the money!


quality posts: 42 Private Messages juicius

This works. I don't know what it is about green light and red light, but my 4 year old daughter took to it immediately when we got it. She would tell us that she woke up but the light wasn't green so she stayed in bed. If you're a tired parent for whom every minute of sleep in the morning is precious, this is a life saver. She's now almost 6 and we still use it but just as an alarm clock.


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efiguero wrote:We bought one and it works well with our 3 year old, she's been using it for a year or longer now. I want to buy two more, but one of each and it will not let me. Normally you get the option to choose, any reason why I can't buy one of each? I don't want two of the same. Please let me know. Thx

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Desperate times call for desperate measures. As a parenting aid, this may work, but it may not. You might be better off saving your money and dealing with it until the next phase comes around. Invest in earplugs instead.


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Red light signal stays on until the time that the alarm is set for is reached, then switches to green to let your child know it's okay to get out of bed

The red light stays on all night???

Mom I can't sleep, Hal 9000 is staring at me.


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CowboyDann wrote:The red light stays on all night???




quality posts: 2 Private Messages jweb1510

We bought a $1 nightlight and a $6 appliance timer and accomplished the same objective. The nightlight stays on all night, and it "clicks" off at 7 a.m. each morning, indicating to our toddler that it's okay to get out of bed.


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This may be the best thing I ever bought for my kid. When he moved out of the crib at 2 1/2, we started using this and within 3 nights he had it down. It works great for naps too! At 4 1/2, we are still using it. I highly recommend it!


quality posts: 1 Private Messages Necromancyr

Strongly recommend against these. Got one during a Woot sale awhile back. The first one ran fast - so fast that it needed to be reset daily. The second one we received worked great for awhile, but now the alarm function doesn't work - which basically makes this just an incredibly cheaply made digital clock.

It's made of incredibly cheap plastic, the clock face is ~1.5x0.75 inches, and overall the item just comes across (build quality, components) as incredibly poorly made.

While I recommend the type of function this has (wake up color change), there are other products on the market that are similarly priced and are much higher quality.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages emurray

I got one of these tot clocks when my twins moved from cribs to "big boy beds" and it totally worked to keep them in their beds. They got it right away.

The clock runs slow and I have to adjust it every month or so, but the damn thing keeps them from waking be up at the crack of crack, so I'm a fan.

They are now 4 and claim to be afraid of the dark, so I now leave the yellow night light on all night.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages dakota4600

I'm buying one as a backup to the one we've been using for almost 3 years for our 5 year old. He loves it and it keeps him out of our room at 5am. If it were to stop working we'd have sleep battles on our hands. So this will be a backup in case it breaks.

Well worth the investment.