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Seventh Generation Stage-5 Diapers 104ct

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People at DrugStore.com Seem to like them

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A handful of perfect reviews over at walmart.com


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I purchased some of the stage-2 diapers just before our child arrived in January. They are okay -- not bad, not great. Just okay. Maybe if our baby had skin issues we'd prefer these, but thankfully she doesn't.

As a new parent, I was unaware diaper technology had progressed to the point that Pampers has a line (Swaddlers) that have a little yellow stripe that turns blue when wet. My wife and I both prefer these over any other diaper.


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My favorite hypoallergenic diapers by far. They fit more like Pampers than Huggies, so more on the large size. My daughter is 23 lbs and the size 4 fit with a bit of room to grow. She has very sensitive skin, and these are the most gentle disposable we have tried (vs. Huggies pure & natural; Pampers Sensitive). If skin irritation or a more 'green' option is important to you then I'd recommend them.


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I use Seventh Generation brand diapers for my 6 week old and since birth have had to use 2 other brands because I ran out of these before I received the ones I ordered online. Seventh Generation are the best brand of diapers I have found. My baby has not had one diaper rash and these always hold up to even the biggest poop explosions! Very satisfied with this brand of diapers!!!


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We cloth diaper, but when we go on trips, my daughter uses these diapers, they are a great alternative to cloth (about as eco-friendly as disposables can be) and they are good on the skin and don't leak or blowout like most disposables have a tendency to do from time to time.

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What size are these comparable to in terms of Costco brand. Our son is wearing number 5 now.


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Ok for just running around the house. But not good for sleeping or going out shopping. They last aprox an hour.


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jcu809 wrote:What size are these comparable to in terms of Costco brand. Our son is wearing number 5 now.

My son is a 5 in both.


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My wife and I bought these hoping they would be good for our newborn. He does not have any allergies or anything but he has been blowing out of a few diapers so we thought we would give these a try on the last woot sale.
I was quite disappointed with the diapers. They worked ok some of the time but he blew out of these more than any other diaper. We switched to a different brand and the problem was fixed. These did not hold up very well at all unfortunately. But, everyone is different so hopefully these diapers will work well for you.


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Sold out already?! I was gonna buy some. Darn it!!!


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i hope i can catch these when they come up (and they better come up...)
i love these diapers, and i dont think ive bought any diapers from the store in a year thanks to woot