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Diggin Active Sports

"What's active?" your child says, looking up at you wide-eyed. "They don't teach us that at school!" And what can you, the parent, say? How about "Take this stuff, child, and learn more than how to fill in bubbles! Learn how to have FUN again!"
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Right now 9.71 on amazon. and free ship mmm

WOOT before Work


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the bucket of golfballs is 12.21 on amazon with free shipping (prime)


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streetcw wrote:Right now 9.71 on amazon. and free ship mmm

Which item? The Pop Out Basketball is 19.99 at Amazon, with one 5 star rating.


zzzzzz.... snort.... zzzzz... What? Woot? Where? When? Why?.... awwww... spent money again.... yawn... zzzzzz snort... zzzzz... What? Woot? Where?.....


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Hmmm...if I can teach my son to hit 3 out of 10 pitches...