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Pre-School Licensed Games

Before you teach your kid D&D. Before you teach your kid Texas Hold 'Em. Before you take your kid to their first Live Action Zelda With Full Symphony show. Before all that, you need to teach them some board game. Some of THESE board games, preferably.


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Pop & Race aka Trouble is always fun!


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So excited about the Smurfs Pop n' Race! My pre-schooler is a little young for Sorry but this will be perfect. I'm in for 2 (one for a gift) and I'll save a whopping 74 cents over the Prime rate over on big bro Amazon. If you're just getting one, $8.87 is a better deal.


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I bought my 22 yr old son a Power Rangers Pop-n-Race for Christmas. We had fun playing it.

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I was interested in the Scooby Doo game till I saw the same game on Amazon for $16.19 with free shipping (over $25 purchase).
Sadly, going to buy the game but Amazon gets my money.


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I've had the scooby doo game for over a year now and I love it. Its easy to lose pieces to keep them all in a zip lock bag.


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Thanks for the tip on the Amazon Scooby Doo. I wanted one but missed out here. My daughter is 5 and loves Scooby Doo and loves playing games.