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Brainy Baby Giant Bundle

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Here are some comments from a Previous Brainy Baby Bundle which contains some of the same items.

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Lets watch this preview of the Exploring the World of Art DVD


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I bought an earlier smaller bundle from the Brainy Baby (BB) series. In sum we like them. We did not allow our daughter to watch any TV until she was 1.5, and have began with the movies BB makes.

We find them superior to that of Baby Einstein in that BE has changing images every 1 second, where as these movies stay on the same thing for 5 seconds. We like this better as it requires our daughter to concentrate on the material and not simply watch because the image keeps changing. Final thought, the flash cards are beyond our daughter as of now, but the books act as great reinforcement of material and allow us to redirect her attention easily from watching the movie over and over (which we don't allow). Hope this is helpful.


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I bought a smaller Brainy Baby bundle when it was available a few months ago. My son is just under 16 months now. He loves the giant board books so much that we read them often. He recognizes the letters a, b, d, r, s, t, and u immediately on sight. He also recognizes the numbers 1, 2, 8, and 9. He knows lots of animals by sight and also recognizes circles, squares, and some colors. I credit the BB books for being so easy to read and having such nice, clear pictures.

He loves the flash cards as well, although his favorite thing to do at this age is throw them and walk on them (they're slippery), but he will look at them with me for a while before he throws them.

I really like the BB DVDs as well. They are very calm and repetitive (for better memorization). He enjoys the songs. They're great to pop in on a long drive because they don't get him all over excited so he still naps in the car if he needs to.

Based on my experience with the other set, I will get this one, too! Glad to see more BB stuff!