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Kiddy Adventure Pack - 3 Colors

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4 years ago
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Check out these comments from when this was sold back in March


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Some Reviews and some more reviews

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from last woot, also $99.99

whatsamattaU wrote:product page

blog review, but...

I'm not sure if this is a 2013 model or 2012, since the price last year was in the $70's for the 2012 model during regular woots and wootoffs

listings from mywoot.net on previous sales


rettaboo78 wrote:What model year is this? When I did a simple title search I get posts on sites from sept2012 excited that woot is selling the 2012 model for $75.

Looks like the previous one on woot was red? Could the price difference be because of unpopular color?

I have been waiting for a "Kelty" pack!

ThunderThighs wrote:Heard from the buyer. It's the current model. We're double checking the year for the current model. Just not sure if we can get hold of the vendor on a Saturday.

So, is the price increase for 2013 because it's the 2013 model?


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I had one of these for my daughter and it is great! Very comfortable for me and her. I also love the "kick stand"


quality posts: 2 Private Messages v6bird

By the way these are $169 at Amazon right now! Heck of a savings here! http://www.amazon.com/Kiddy-Adventure-Pack-Baby-Carrier/dp/B00BFQXSLG


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This would be perfect for Bran. Hodor! Hodor!


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I purchased one of these last year, and this was the only way we could carry our son outdoors. Close baby carriers consistently overheated my son when we took him out for walks, so we got more use out of this than just for true adventuring/hiking. It has great airflow, seems comfortable for the kid, and is very comfortable for the parent carrying as well. It's really lightweight, so even if you allow your toddler to walk until they get tired, it won't feel like lugging a lot of heavy gear for nothing, which sometimes makes it preferable to strollers for walks around the park. We had a pretty easy time getting our son in and out of it mid-hike too (though it did take two of us to make it really efficient).

I'm extra glad we bought this last year, and will be using it again with our second kid. Useful AND durable!


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I used a Yakima backpack carrier for my first kid. It's a very liberating thing and the next step up from "Baby Bjorning". Kelty is tops in the field.
Buy with confidence.

One point: If you use this, wear a hat. Kids have direct access to the top of your head for happy hair pulling fun.

I have a shirt catalog, y'all!


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I bought one of the red ones when it was previously on woot. It is very comfortable for both my son and I. I have 2 bits of advice when wanting to use this hiking. 1)Start by taking your kid for walks on flat ground to make sure they like it. 2)Use that same flat ground to build up your endurance for the extra 30-40 pounds of weight that you will be carrying. When you are able to walk for a mile or so without your legs feeling like jello, you'll be ready to hit the trails.

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Careful walking through doorways and under low branches with Junior aboard.


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It was a little large and heavy at first.....

But little Billie got used to it after a few miles, and he was able to carry all of our supplies!

We should have gotten him a kiddie pack earlier!


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We have one of these as well as a Kelty. The Kiddy is by far our favorite. The child sits more comfortably and the weight is distributed better. The small guard (for the kid to put their mouth on) is Velcro and was pulled off by curious hands, never to be seen again (I would use a snap on it or something to keep it in place). Also, this folds flat!!! The kick stand isn't "popped-out" on a fram so we can store it anywhere (our Kelty takes up twice the space!). We have used ours weekly for almost two years and (though the canvas shows some wear) it works just as great as when we first bought it. No complaints!


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At what age can kids start riding in this thing?