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Graco 2-in-1 Swing & Bouncer Duo

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Some good reviews (3.3 out of 5.0) over at gracobaby.com


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We have this for my son in a different pattern, and it is wonderful!


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We bought this swing for our first son. He LOVED the bouncer. In fact it was the only way to get him to sleep sometimes. We now use it for our second son and he loves it just as much. If needed you can buy replacement parts through Graco's website and completely change the look of the swing. Would recommend this to anyone.


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The tray in our Graco two-in-one wouldn't stay closed (cheap press-fit latching mechanism). Called Rubbermaid for a replacement part and it took 12 weeks to receive the part. Apparently 8-12 weeks is their turnaround for warranty replacement.

Except that 12 weeks is an eternity in baby-time. Babies are only going to use these things for four or five months before they outgrow them.


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Most of the complaints on the graco website have to do with the motor. Have any of you had these kind of problems? W

Also, what would be the maximum baby weight for this? I'm not asking for the manufacturer's suggestion, I'd like to know your experience.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages lizzistardust

We had one of these for our first son. We loved that it was both a swing and a bouncy chair in one, but it had problems.

It clicked CONSTANTLY while swinging. The motor wasn't strong enough to consistently swing the chair + a newborn, so the chair would slow down, slow down, slow down... stop, then slowly start up again. Then the whole process started again.

Also, the music and sounds are really poor quality, to the point of being obnoxious. We didn't use them.

Just so I'm not totally negative, here's what I liked:
1. Two "gear" items in one.
2. The angle of the chair in the swing is adjustable, so you could have your baby lying all the way back or sitting all the way up.
3. Once our baby had more head control, the bouncy seat was FABULOUS. We'd sit him in it and take him from room to room while doing other things. He seemed to think it was pretty comfortable, and I could tell he liked sitting up so he could watch what we were doing. And if he fell asleep, it was easy to lift the whole chair and transport him to a quiet spot.

I'm pregnant again and we still have the swing/chair, but we're registering for a different one (and focusing on picking one with good reviews for the motor and quiet operation).


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I will say having both the battery and plug option comes in handy...