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Speed Bumpers Bumper Cars

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Good reviews (3.8 out of 5.0) over at the O


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A Few Mixed Reviews

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When HSN had this, it was $29.95 vs. $19.99 here, and their page still has the video--5 reviews: 2 five star, 2 three star, 1 two star

good night


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We bought these for my 5 year old for Christmas and we're still playing with them! That should tell you something as far as the fun factor. The controls are easy enough for a 5 year old and a mom with limited RC experience to use. It's very satisfying to knock off your opponent's little driver!
I paid $29.99 for them at Kohl's before Christmas so this is a fair price and in my opinion, well worth it!


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I was just playing with these on Easter and they were awesome. Lots of fun, easy controls. They were my nephew's so I can't really speak about reliability but I think I might have to pick up a set of these.


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Two amazon customers were unimpressed. Now I am not sure if it is worth it: http://www.amazon.com/Blue-Hat-16363980042-Speed-Bumpers/product-reviews/B004B8NNN8


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My kids (4 and 2) got these for Xmas. The 2yo is a bit young for them, but the 4yo can control his pretty well. Each controller has a colored tip on the end of the antenna so you know which one controls which car; it took me a day or two to notice that.

One tip: we had a hard time getting the little drivers to stay on their seats until we realized you can push the ejector button down to snap it in "ready" position. Learn from my fail and save yourself some frustration.

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