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Swim & Birkis

When you go back to school and the teacher asks, "What did you do on your summer vacation," she's never going to buy the whole "I hiked in the Himalayas" story. Your tan lines do deceive you, my dear boy. So what if you just spent all your time running through the sprinkler like every other kid. The Himalayas will still be there next summer.


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I grabbed a pair of the blue Mickey board shorts last time they were up (about a month ago). I got them for my 10 month old. He has not yet worn them as its not exactly pool time just yet, but I grabbed the 12mo size and they look great. Hes going to look fly on his Mickey themed 1st bday pool party. Great quaility and would definitely buy another pair if I needed them for the price.


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As I stated the last time - the Polyurethane soled Birki's run a bit smaller than other Cork Soled Birk's. When in doubt, make sure you go up a size!!

These things hold up great and are awesome kids shoes!! Just hose 'em off and they are ready for the next adventure!