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LEGO 8MP Digital Camera

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I bought this last time it came around for my two year old daughter. She loves it! She runs around with it saying "cheese" and taking pictures of us and the dogs. I always get a kick out of uploading her pictures and seeing the world through her eyes.


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Lots of comments from when this was sold in February.


quality posts: 49 Private Messages baybei

I so want this Lego camera! I bet it would go well with my Lego watch


quality posts: 3917 Private Messages lichme

Yeah, this doesn't belong on kids.

A few people left some feedback with 3.5 star avg

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quality posts: 3 Private Messages minifig81

Take it from a guy who is a hardcore LEGO collector (hence the name Minifig) guys, the camera really isn't worth the money. The quality is kind of crappy, Sure, it'd work as a kids camera, but it's not exactly as durable as you'd like to think a "kids camera" should be. I dropped my first one while trying it out and it promptly broke. The second one's quality was kind of poor.

They're a 3 out of 5 stars, maybe 2.5 out of 5.

Not exactly worth it, but if you're a collector of LEGO items like me, they're a nice thing to have for your collection.


quality posts: 1108 Private Messages whatsamattaU

$34.99 tonight and previous woot mentioned above

$44.95 Adorama

$48.32 Sears 3rd party retailer

1-1/2 star review at about.com

I don't know if Digital Blue has the 8 MP manual on their website, but from this http://www.digiblue.com/lego-user-guides/ I found the guide for the 3 MP camera:


quality posts: 135 Private Messages radi0j0hn

As I said in a book I wrong a while back, if you want to ruin a child's interest in photography, give them a camera made for "kids." Usually 5-10 year old technology and a poor lens.

I see tons of used 3 - 5 MP Kodaks (fixed focus, SD card) for under five dollars at Goodwill, etc. Tap up the battery compartment and the SD card door and let then use that!

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quality posts: 2 Private Messages elliemae54

We bought this before a recent trip to Legoland. Kept it in my backback and pulled it out as a surprise for my 5 year old. He *LOVED* it! It saved us from buying more junk in the stores. He loved being able to take his own pictures and we were stopped many times and asked if it was real and where we got it. As long as he could be still, he got some decent shots.