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Lil' Rider Wiggle Car

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I'd like to buy this, but why is my child being forced into public service?


quality posts: 5840 Private Messages conanthelibrarian

Check out these comments back when this was offered in January.


quality posts: 11 Private Messages wonbadan

These were pretty popular when my daughter was one couple of years ago in China. I bought one for her in China for about 150 RMB.

As long as it is being used on a relatively even ground, it is pretty safe. Very low center of gravity and low speed. Take quite some effort to move it at speed. Perhaps since I am riding on it while it was meant for toddlers.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages stub2k2
williams83 wrote:I'd like to buy this, but why is my child being forced into public service?

don't put the stickers on?


quality posts: 0 Private Messages jcptexas

Read the reviews!! This is NOT the plasma car wiggle car, it is a knock off of the plasma car wiggle car and it has gotten horrible reviews. The plasma cara last years and years, very sturdy and very fun!! This lil rider car is junk compared to the other. It is just made with very cheap parts and the steering wheel comes loose a lot. Hope this helps.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages whistler68

I bought 2 for my kids' Christmas, they didn't last until new years. Seriously, the wheels don't wanna stay on, and they are made of the cheapest plastic... The stickers wouldn't stick because (I'm guessing) heat had messed up the sticky back and they wouldn't peel off. A $1 woot would be too much. j/s...


quality posts: 2 Private Messages mpoush

I bought three of these on Cyber Monday from Overstock.com. Well, there they're called "Rolling Coaster Children's Ride-on Car" and they don't have any stickers. I paid 35.99 for mine. We love them. We have four connected rooms with hard floors, and the kids are constantly zooming around on them. The most annoying thing is that the kids will use them as bumper cars, and then whine when they hurt each other.

The cars have been getting constant use since Christmas, and they are holding up extremely well. We will even have kids double up on them, two kids to a car.

I would not use them outside and then take them back to hardwood floors, unless you exchange the wheels for rubber. The plastic wheels will hold scratches, which would scratch up the hardwood floor.

My kids are aged 3-4 years, and 6 years.

If I bought these, I would not add the stickers (though when my daughter saw the picture of these she wanted another one JUST for the stickers). In my house they'd be peeled off post-haste and stuck to the floor.

Edited to add: The manufacturer of the ones I have is Wasatch. I can't tell from the Woot description who manufactures these versions.


quality posts: 6 Private Messages hardcandy189

I have been reading the reviews and they are not that bad on Amazon. We have one that was purchased from another site, same brand, and it has been a great toy for my son and held up well. I am buying another one now for my nephew as he will love it. I wish they made them in adult sizes!



quality posts: 6 Private Messages brentphx

I grabbed one last time it was here, my 2yo LOVES it, he inherently knew how to drive it and we take it all over the neighborhood. I can personally attest to it holding 3x the weight limit, with both of us on it it is holding 180 lbs regularly!!

Just make sure you really tighten down the steering stem when you bolt it on, nothing is more disappointing than walking home from the park because they can't wiggle it anymore and the handles spin freely!!


quality posts: 40 Private Messages MichXelle

These look adorable for young ones. If I needed gifts for children of the ages specified, I would purchase 3. It sounds as if put together properly, they hold up. I might just buy them to have gifts ready for children I know or as a donation for Toys for Tots later in the year. They would make 3 children very happy. I would have my handy husband assemble them once out of his suit after he got home from work or on the weekend. For $95, some needy children would be zipping around with THREE cars.

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