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John Deere Toys

Children. Always wanting new toys. We buy them one, and then they want another one! How are we supposed to keep up with these requests? We've got an idea. Get them toys that pay off. Case and point: John Deere toys. Your kids get a toy, and they learn how to farm. Next thing you know, they'll be harvesting corn, and you'll be sipping lemonade in your air conditioned home.


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These are cute! I'm just really glad y'all aren't offering what they have in my state. For some silly reason, the stores have decided to add the trailer you can attach to your tractor that has a huge tank of anhydrous ammonia. Y'know, the dangerous chemical that's used as a weed killer but more often known for it's use in making meth. Yeah....kids want a big tank of that on their play farm. Oh, and did I mention I'm in Missouri, the meth capital of the US? Yeah....we're so proud....

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not sure about the rest of the items, but on the 5inch monster treads set, its a soft rubber tire. so if you have hardwood floors like we do, it is quiet and not noisy like most plastic tire/toys and they will work just fine on carpet as well. Love it. But now the 3 year old figured out how to take off the tires and we find them all over the house. but thats o.k., its what kids do.