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Infinity Home Playroom Play Rugs

Decking out my son's playroom in Classical Realism rugs probably wasn't the best idea. I mean, it wasn't necessarily a bad idea, but while he was playing with his toy cars and action figures, I kept getting the sense he wasn't appreciating the true artistic talent that was on display below him. So, I switched to these play rugs, and he likes them. Chalk up one point for parenting!


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I'm wondering what the size is on those rugs that haven't got one listed.


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glennnnie wrote:I'm wondering what the size is on those rugs that haven't got one listed.

Those have multiple sizes available. If you click through the sale, you'll see there's a place to select the size. They're, uhm, listed there.

Sorry it was hard to find. Took me a bit to find it too.

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I am SO happy that the outer space rug has Pluto! I can't do cartwheels, so you'll just have to trust me.


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Anyone know the thickness of these rugs? I run a nursery and I hate it the corner of rugs like these begin to curl up.