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AHHHHH! Run! There's a quarter attacking! Oh, wait, it's staying still. It must just be those pesky humans again trying to prove how conveniently small our structures are. Can't they leave us and our impossibly small civilization alone? Geez, I need a drink. What's a guy gotta to do get a nano-sized drink around here?


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I shouldn't have looked - now I want something I didn't even know existed!


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I have two of these, they're really fun to put together and don't take too long. The instructions are well done.

Beware, the pieces are, in fact, TINY.



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They take WAY less time than you expect. We bought a few and decided that the length of entertainment was not worth what we paid.

No advertising please


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I just want to use these as plans for Minecraft structures.


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Do you guys not watch Go Diego or something? It's called a scarlet macaw.


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First of all, the coolest looking one sold out first before I even saw it. Second, the Enterprise has way less of a discount than the other super-expensive set, which makes me saaaaaaad. Third of all, I'm buying at least one space shuttle. Or five. Or maybe all of the sets. These are fun.


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I love these things as geek office decorations. Yes, the pieces are small. They provide spare parts in the kits, which is a very good thing. Prices appear to be about 10% below Amazon/mothership.


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the enterprise is on amazon for around $75 including shipping.
come on woot!

to the woot staff member that screwed up the back2skool code so I could get a lot of nice things for free - thank you.


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I saw some of these assembled in a store, and all of them had 'curled' on their bases, and distorted.
Might sound a little weird, but it's really put me off from buying them.

Lego is eternal. Lego is forever.
All the off brand clones seem to always be a little bit strange in some way.

Oh, ha...The white house one seems to be doing it a little in it's picture. The ones I saw in the store were considerably worse still.