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Reusable Water Bottles - 5 pack

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Bought these on the last woot...kids used them every day since they arrived. Carry them in their lunches, and when playing outside. Can't recommend enough to save cash on juice boxes and bottled water.


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Although cute and a good price, BPA - free plastics still may not be safe and some even worse for you. From Discovery News:

Even BPA-Free Plastic Not Always Safe


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These are perfect for tubing. Some counties dont allow disposable water bottles anymore. Now we can take these and still stay hydrated! In for one of each kind! Thanks woot!


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Walmart price $14.97



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It doesn't seem it let me add both the girl style and the boy style to the same order, which means I would need to place two separate orders. Kind of a pain.


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love these. Wanted the kids to drink more water. We keep these filled in the fridge and they use two or three every day! Great buy wish i needed more.

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