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Art 101 177pc Wooden Case Art Set

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4 years ago
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Every time these Art 101 kits come up I always want to buy one. For me of course, I don't have kids. Maybe someday, I'll have to settle for window shopping.


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Check out these comments for this set back when this was sold in January.


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Previous Sale with more comments

As mentioned, this is more of an introductory kit, and not really a professional art kit.

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Warning: Too much awesome to be contained in such a small space


quality posts: 716 Private Messages CowboyDann

Don't expect much out of this... A lot of people complain about the box (hinges) breaking within a week or two.


quality posts: 8 Private Messages ldsmom7566

Woot, do you think that you guys should MAYBE try buying & having more stock on hand for the next time you offer these types or similar art kits? The reason I'm asking is because the last 3 or 4 times you have offered them & I have tried/WANTED to buy them (@least the last 3 or 4 that I have caught) they have been sold out by approximately noon (give or take an hr or two) every single time.
The other 'HINT' which leads me to believe that you guys don't ever obtain enough of a supply before you decide to offer them comes right from the posted comments for today's sold out offering. Prior to me posting my own comment there were ONLY, yes, ONLY (4) FOUR OTHER POSTINGS! Given the fact that there were ONLY 4 other postings I find it very hard to believe there were very many kits even available BEFORE they all sold out. Otherwise, just like any other offering that you offer, as long as there are some left to sell, someone ALWAYS has something to say about it. So, when there are only 4 comments posted, that leads me to believe there wasn't very many kits to go around. It may be a good idea to at LEAST get half again as much inventory for the next time, because when they KEEP selling out HALFWAY through the selling day, you DEFINITELY are NOT keeping enough on hand. Please think about this lack of inventory issue so everyone else who doesn't stay up to go on woot every night at at midnight, or through the early morning hours even before the sun comes up might still have a chance at being able to purchase one. Just because you don't have the old Big Office Cubicles's anymore that only the 'lucky few' ever got (yes, I had gotten them before myself...LOL) doesn't mean you have to turn these starter art sets into the next 'hard to get' item. :-)