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Toddler Swimwear

Winning 18 gold medals isn't easy. Just ask me, the guy who's been there for all of Michael Phelps' races, in front of my TV, watching from my living room. Believe me, I know. And if you're going to want your tot to grow up to be a champion swimmer, you can't wait another second. You do want your child to be successful, don't you?


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A little expensive for boys' swim shorts. Are these premium in some way?

Buy them in the fall for $3 or on sales for $5, where you can inspect the quality and understand better what you're buying.


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I have found the waist sizes of swim trunks to vary wildly. I have a REALLY SKINNY 4T and sometimes those trunks' waistbands are too loose.... they will just fall right off.

Can we get an inch measurement on the unstretched waistband of each size?