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Ultimate Playland

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quality posts: 49 Private Messages baybei

Sometimes I regret growing up. I would LOVE to play in this!


quality posts: 5840 Private Messages conanthelibrarian

check out other wooter comments back when this was sold in December



quality posts: 5840 Private Messages conanthelibrarian

pretty good reviews (4.0 out of 5.0) over at amazon



quality posts: 171 Private Messages neuropsychosocial

This seems like it would be GREAT for dogs if the material could stand up to their nails.

RIP A.A. Blanks (Obituary)


quality posts: 1006 Private Messages ThunderThighs


The blue cube on the right looks like it's smiling at me.

//can't be unseen

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quality posts: 2 Private Messages metzler

I didn't buy it last time in December before it sold out and my wife was upset. She "reminded" me the last three months...

... don't make that same mistake especially if your wife is pregnant.


quality posts: 21 Private Messages suteishichic

Dunno if our toddler will like this after the first day.... But our Border Collie will be in heaven!

p.s. agility training tip: Do NOT throw treats in the tunnel. Ever. It's enough of a rule to be a mantra! Lure them in and then reward them when they pop out the other side!

p.s.s. totally gonna try it with the toddler too! ;)


quality posts: 4 Private Messages yawlppsu

We bought one in December. We set it up for Christmas morning for the kids to find and it was a neat surprise for them. I am not sure the material would hold for dog claws but some of the house parts have empty floor areas, so those would be fine. The kids still play with it but not as much as at first. My 2-year-old likes it most. The 5 and 7-year-olds like it too, but more for changing it around and reconfiguring. It takes up a huge amount of space when set up, but it folds up very flat and you can hide it behind or under a couch or something. Also, be careful when you undo them. It comes boxed in a way that makes it seem small but the pieces expand quickly. Nothing dangerous, just surprising if you aren't expecting it.


quality posts: 3 Private Messages sorcha72

My 4 month old puppy would love this! haha