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Tonka Race-A-Long Chuck

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4 years ago
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My nephew has this. He says "Wanna race along with me?", but it really sounds like "Wanna break the law with me?"


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I got this for my 3 year old last time it was one, maybe 2 weeks ago?

It's really nice. It has multiple sayings and randomly drives straight or swerves around. It seems very well constructed, solid and fairly heavy. One thing of note: the motor inside seems to spin and make noise when it's saying something even when it's not moving, and it distracts you a little bit. But the noise sounds remarkably similar to diesel valve clatter so I just choose to think the manufacturer was trying to be as authentic as possible.


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Don't do it. You'll regret the noise that comes from this monster. I'm guessing the designer of this toy is a sadist. Oh no, he see's me typing this...No Chuck! Noooooooo.