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Graco Camo Joe Pack 'n Play® Playard

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"Camo Joe"? Well, since he can't hawk cigarettes any more, I guess cribs are the next best thing.


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Nothing says classy like a nursery done in camo. I'll pass.


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This Eddie Bauer Complete Care Playard is my favorite.


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Graco Pack n' Plays are pretty great, and this is way cheaper than I've seen... It's difficult to get past the camo though. Maybe it'd be fun for camping trips, it would look like your child is floating in the middle of the woods.


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I have a graco pack n play about this size, and the smaller size is great for going to the babysitter's house, or for keeping him in one place while I go into another room (though not quite for extended play once your baby is older, it is pretty compact). The bassinet feature is WONDERFUL for a younger baby! If camo is your thing, I would definitely recommend this. GREAT price!


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I was surprised how well the "bassinet" feature worked. It just snaps onto the sides and poof, no more bending way down to pick up the tiny one. The only problem is, what to do with that part once baby is mobile... just more stuff piling up in the baby closet.

Also, it holds up surprisingly well to a 2-year-old who thinks he's a monkey and climbs out as soon as he wakes up.

Camo wouldn't be so bad. It's not like you see the color much, since you cover the bottom with a blanket (or raw deer hide, YMMV) anyway. But isn't it kinda silly to make the toys on the "toy arch" camo as well? They're already angled the wrong way ("Hello, my eyes are down *here*"). This just pretty much makes them invisible to their nominal audience.

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