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Lillébaby Oslo Diaper Bag - 2 Colors

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4 years ago
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Here it was in a previous sale

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Wow - this bag looks really nice, but I am finally at the point where I don't use it anymore. Trying to get back to a "normal" purse that is a little larger to hold a couple snacks or a juice box.


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Bought this in grey with last woot off and have not used it day to day yet as we are expecting in April. So far really love this bag, quality, size, and how gender neutral it is for the price.


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Would be nice to see a picture of the inside. Claims 14 pockets (I LOVE pockets) and I'd like to see where they are. From what is shown, looks good though. The built in wipe holder is genius- always dropping a loose container of those on the floor. Would also be nice to know the storage capacity (total cubic inches anyone?). We have nearly destroyed one of our bags and am tempted to buy another.


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I bought this bag in red last summer when it first appeared on kids.woot and I absolutely love it! However, if the wipe pocket on the front is the reason you want this bag, you will be sorely disappointed---the little plastic insert that houses the wipes broke the first time we used it. Everything else about this bag is great though. It really has a place to put everything, so I'm never digging in the bottom of my bag for a paci or something.