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Happy Trails Rocking Animals

Well, if we're going to talk about rock, we might as well admit it: every animal has a rock star counterpart. Scroll over each sweet little rocking chair to see our opinion on which rock star matches which animal. And leave your opinion in the comments!


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The daughter of one of my dearest friends had a baby girl last spring and I was unable to attend the only baby shower she had. Because of other things going on, I kept forgetting to pick up something from the baby registry, and now the child is crawling! I've been agonizing for months about what to get her. The Happy Trails Tiger Rocker looks like just what I need! I know, a tiger isn't a very girlish gift, but we are in LSU Tiger country so this should be great! Thanks, Woot! (And it doesn't hurt that I've already unlocked free shipping for the day!)



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I just want to know "Where was this cool stuff when I was a kid?" It's not fair because I'm too big for an awesome stuffed elephant rocker now.


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i totally wish i was a kid again.. id buy the lion and watch lion king all day long! too bad i didnt have stuff like this when i was little


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These are all adorable, but that Black Bear just looks so darn huggable! I'm trying to think of some little kid I could get it for...


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does the giraffe come with a "with sounds" model?


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ebam wrote:does the giraffe come with a "with sounds" model?

Sorry, we are showing the only versions that we have available.

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