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Super T-Shirts (and backpacks)

Cartoons -- all the kids on the street are doing them these days. It's a mass craze sweeping the schools, and every true cartoon watcher knows when you've got a cartoon you watch, you best display your fanship. Don't miss out. Don't be left behind. Outfit your kid today.


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My kids still look at me with blank stares on their faces every time I break out with "GHOSTBUSTERS!" after they ask me who I'm gonna call. Ahhh...the little things in life! :-P


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Dangit. I want that "Muggle" shirt... for ME! But I don't fit in kid's sizes. Unless... is that "Youth" size chart for kids... or teens?


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Mini-packs are great for travel. I used to have one for my kids when they were 18 months. We flew a lot so they would be big enough for 1-2 diapers, changing pad, travel wipes, and hand sanitizer. Plenty of room for a toy, book, and a snack. I would grab the pack for the plane restroom. Then refill it with the giant, hold-all, diaper bag. Plus the kids could carry their own stuff!


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caution, backpack may get your kids kicked out of school for having something resembling a 'gun' being displayed.

Burney420 wrote:I'm gonna buy one just to smash it.