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Guidecraft Table and Chairs - 2 Finishes

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Just gonna save y'all some time when you're looking at prices. We're selling the table & chairs as a set. Most other places sell them separately.

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They want 100.00 for JUST the table!


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Man! I hate how kids' tables only come with two chairs!!! I wish they had the four chair option!

Cute set, but I've gotta pass....


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$99.99 for either set
Toys 'R Us: $95.99 for the table alone (the 1 star reviews were because they thought they were getting the set in the picture, not just the table)

same price for chairs

$99 table at Walmart

$53.88 at 3rd party Amazon retailer (free shipping), but "usually ships in 6-10 days"

Set out of stock at $100.80
or $169.99 but may take up to 4 weeks before delivery

$79.99 at Toys 'R Us

Table $87.99 at Toys 'R Us

The set for $220 at Walmart, with the table drawing 1 good review

and $169.99 for the set


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damselectric wrote:Man! I hate how kids' tables only come with two chairs!!! I wish they had the four chair option!

Cute set, but I've gotta pass....

Just buy two sets, It'll still be cheaper that getting it anywhere else.

And if you are handy, cut the extra table in half, mount it to the wall and you will have two perfectly sized desks for your kids.


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My 8-year-old is super tall (almost my height already - granted I am only 5 feet). Will this be too small for him? We have a small house and I wanted somethnig that could serve as dual-purpose homework desk and play/art table, but will he be able to use it? I like sturdy kid furniture because he's kind of a walking wrecking ball.


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Pine is not hardwood


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I missed that and already ordered. Now I am afraid my kids will destroy this table within a week.

ormeskirk wrote:Pine is not hardwood


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Can score table & 4 chairs on Amazon for under $150...


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I bought two of these because I have 3 young kids and we've been looking for something like this FOREVER.

Pine furniture is plenty sturdy, I'm not concerned.

I would not buy this for a 5ft tall 8yr old. The table is only 2 feet high. Get the kid a normal desk.