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Tinker Toy Building Sets-Your choice!

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With shipping, either set is $5 less than Amazon or Walmart. Not enough to make me have to buy it.


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When we were kids, my grandparents had a canister of Tinker Toys that they kept for when the grandkids came to vist, which was pretty much every Sunday. My sister & I always bugged our parents to get to grandma's before the other cousins so we could get the Tinker Toys. We loved playing with them and it was just the regular standard set. If we had had the set to make a train we would have been absolutely thrilled! It's a shame that more kids today don't appreciate & enjoy these kinds of toys : (


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We recently bought the transit set for a fourth birthday. The kids enjoy it, but there are not as many pieces as you might think from the package. The pieces maybe fill up one-third of the canister. The train and the car it pulls, shown on the front of the canister, use up all of the round connector pieces. I remember the canister of wooden Tinkertoys when I was growing up, and I'm pretty sure there were a lot more of the round connectors and rods in the basic set. The quality of the plastic pieces is a lot better than the old wooden ones, but don't expect to make anything big without buying multiple sets.


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They're not made of wood any more? For shame!

I Bet on Sky


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Amazon side has the old wooden kind... for $100 and up!

Amazon link

And another

Gratuitous my little game dev site plug!


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Will they work with older, plastic tinkertoy sets... that is the question.