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Kiddy Cruiser Fix Pro

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  • (2:55 PM, 2/8/2013) ssand23 needs more sources for reviews.


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A couple of good reviews over at Amazon, which is listing this for $220

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Are there any other online reviews? I was reading the reviews at Amazon but someone else pointed out on Amazon that the reviewer and their review seemed a bit fishy.


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lichme wrote:Previous Woot Offering

Thanks for linking that, from all the previous comments on this, as well as the added info from a company rep that posted there, this seems like an awesome seat. I'd be in, but my kid's little and won't need a big kid seat for at least 2-3 years... I think it'd be best for me to wait.


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Recommended Ages: 4 - 12 Years

Good luck getting a 12 year old to sit in this.

Good Good Good is Azdak, and the measure that he metes.


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Please please please woot gods, I have been checking evey day for this, and you added it randomly. I really want to buy this!