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Beetle & Thread Apparel for Boys

After a day at the office, it can be unsettling to see your son wearing casual clothing, but now you can end that disgrace to proper attire once and for all. Beetle & Thread has the infant oxford shirts and blazers to get your boys looking spiffy. Finally, no more coming home to t-shirts and shorts. Oh, the relief!


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ROGETRAY wrote:If I had these clothes when I was a kid, I would have been class president or at least hall monitor. Yes, my elementary school had a hall monitor. What kinda clothes did you guys have growing up?

We had hall monitors too. It was weird.

I'm just hanging out, really.


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inkycatz wrote:We had hall monitors too. It was weird.

If i had this collection when i was that age, i'd probably be president of the united states today, let alone my class at the time.


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Hi inkycatz, can you tell the purchasers that older toddler boy clothes are wonderful but they never seem to purchase enough! I know having the items sell out is great, from a "don't get stuck with unsellable inventory" POV, but this is the time that boys start wearing out or destroying their clothes, which means we all need more of it!!! Thanks!