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The Hunt for Warm Apparel

You found it! You found our treasure trove of warm apparel. Well done. We were worried you'd get sidetracked, but by clicking on this link, you now have access to bundling up your kids with warm clothing. Wow, aren't you glad you logged on to the internet today?


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ROGETRAY wrote:Nothing says "Awesome" more than a Spider-Man jacket or coat (Well...except a coat that just says "Awesome" on it). What other really cool winter wear should we find next?
I'm just hanging out, really.


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I bought the Woody cowboy boot slippers before Christmas for my 3 year old. He loves these but they run small and won't fit much longer. The size says 9/10 but they really fit more of a 9. My son wears a size 9.5 shoe & these are tight on him.

I also bought the Puma socks during the last sale and these are excellent, cushy socks that have held up well. I bought the largest kids' size (the 9-11). They fit comfortably on my daughter's woman's size 11 foot as well as my woman's size 9 foot. I'm picking up a few more of these right now.


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The shirts with matching hats are very high quality. Bought the dino shirt earlier. Nice!


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what ages would small Elmo slippers fit? (size 5/6)