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Feeding And Feeding Storage

Elementary school lunchrooms are tough. A poorly-timed laugh and you're "Milk Nose" for the rest of the year. And yet, a cool lunchbox makes a kid feel worthwhile! So check out this nice fix of food transport and food. The year's not done. Maybe there's still time for "Milk Nose" to become cool.


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Bag, box, or tin? What are all the cool kids carrying these days?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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I just have to say we really liked the backpack/lunch box combos & I paid $18 when I got mine. $12 is an awesome deal. They are a tad large for toddlers as the straps are a little long even when adjusted all the way down, but perfect for the average sized 4 yr old & up. They will adjust large enough to easily fit an adult too - so if your LO isn't cooperating with carrying their bag, at least it fits your back.

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