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Art 101 Art Supplies

Is it a kitten or a cornucopia? Who knows. That's not the point. The point is, this is your kid and if you don't want to screw her up, you'll just smile, pat her sweet little head and say "that's a beautiful … erm … picture, honey."


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It's never too soon to think about what the kids are going to do during Spring break.

Seriously, it'll be here before you know it .

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Hi, Are the markers washable?


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Some affordable art kits and not just for children

Value wise at 33% - 44% off you are getting a decent discount and one to be considered. Also, some of these kits are really nice basic starter sets for older kids and adults alike.

Several have already sold out so I won't remark on them at all. With what is left presently there are some things to think about. Getting past what is basically "paint by the numbers" we all know what they are. While they may fun for a few they really don't offer much in challenge or learning ability and you are limited to the picture that is pre-printed for you to color in. Basically, one step of from a coloring book.
On the rest I kind of grade them by what they offer as opposed to price.

Starting with the one I like least. The Art 101 Portfolio Set offers very little with only graphic pencils and 12 water color pencils for the mediums you have to use. Of course that goes along with papers for doing the work but this is still not much when compared to all the other sets including price. Water color pencils are just not a friendly medium for beginners and for that effect actual water colors are better. But even though found in many children's sets, water color is a difficult medium to master.

Next up would be the Acrylic Painting Set with Travel Bag. Acrylics are a wonderful medium for beginners young and old as well as more seasoned artist. Not only are they easy to use but since they are water soluble, an "oops" has a great chance of coming out of your clothes or out of your carpet if given immediate attention. Acrylics can be applied right from the tube in a thicker application where it is similar to oil paints (but much faster drying) or they may be watered down so thin they may be applied like water color. If you want to begin to paint, acrylics is a great choice for a start. The problem I have with this kit is because of it's small size, it really offers very little and let's face it. The rest of these larger kits are not huge and can very easily be taken along on trips from home and/or daily outings.

The remaining kits slightly differ from each other in some ways but they all have the commonality of offering several mediums to work and learn with.

For the youngest out there the ART 101 147-Piece Artist's Kit or the 82-Piece Art Set in Wooden Case, may be the best as it includes crayons, something that most kids are already familiar with along with markers and pencils that are also great for beginners. Yet it includes pastels and water colors which is a little more challenging so there is much that can be learned from these kits.

For older kids as well as adults I think the 174- Piece Art Set in Wooden Case is simply a great starter set with many different mediums and enough supplies to keep you busy and learning for quite a while. Price point is a bargain. If you make a list of what is included in this set (and the others) and you go to a local art supply and check out what you would spend buying these supplies individually you would be greatly astonished. All in all this is my favorite.


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davidm08 wrote:Hi, Are the markers washable?

These aren't the typical non-toxic, washable stuff. These art supplies are for kids, but they're higher scale. They definitely aren't ideal for babies or toddlers who are still putting things in their mouth or drawing on the table. They're best for kindergarten and up I think.