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Wood You Like a Toy?

Toys are too fancy these days. Kids don't know how lucky they are. Back in my day, we used to play with a rock and a stick. One rock, and one stick. And if we were lucky, we might have gotten a satchel of dirt.
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ThunderThighs wrote:There's nothing quite like the beautiful simplicity of wooden toys. Many of these take me back to my childhood. What about you?

I like the zebra.

I'm just hanging out, really.


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ThunderThighs gettin' all misty-eyed.


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rascality wrote:ThunderThighs gettin' all misty-eyed.


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I like the "Go Go Bike", I think I'll make one next weekend if time permits. Thanks for the idea, Woot!

I can haz moar fireworkz please?