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Aussie Ice Slushy Maker (Set of 2)

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Bought 4 sets of these these laat time For Christmas gifts. Big hit with young and old. They work great and make delicious slushies of all varieties. Company provides excellent customer support if needed.


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This looks like a great way to continue to keep sugar at a minimum in my kids' diet. We make our own popsicles with ice cube trays and juice, and this seems like a great alternative for hot summer days. I'm in!


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Love these! Make sure you watch the company video if you want to be successful. I've given these to at least a dozen kids and every one loves them (parents as well). Try filling with ice cold 1% milk, 1 packet of Equal and a few drops of vanilla extract for a low cal, yummy milkshake. Hits the spot without tons of calories!

Aroostook Lucy


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Ok, the inevitable question- do these make good frozen margaritas? I mean, is the consistency right?

Oh well, ordered a pair so I guess I'll find out...


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Okay I am in for a set...hope they work as the video suggests. Iced coffee sounds great...as do "adult beverages"