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7th Generation Stage-3 Diapers 76ct.

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...because those sixth-generation diapers really sucked.

Since Woot! left out a critical detail, I thought I'd post it to save people some time:

Stage 3: 16-28 lb.

Maybe I'm the only one that didn't know that though. I mean, is Stage 3 a universal unit of measurement in the diaper industry?


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Hmmm, no "are these refurbished?" comments yet?!

I Bet on Sky


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miken927 wrote:Hmmm, no "are these refurbished?" comments yet?!

If woot ever sold refurbished diapers, I'd be in just out of sheer curiosity.

Not in the market for stage 3's, but I bought these diapers last time they were sold here and they're good quality, no leaks, no complaints.


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UGH!! Just getting out of Stage 3 -- offer Stage 4 please!!!


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On the verge of stage 4 also, better not buy


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Best diapers ever!!!! Finally the size needed in stock too! Yay!!! Please woot! more Sev Gen diapers in this size soon...and the wipes too! (The new, improved ones...not the old ones.