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Breathable Baby: Babies in a Blanket

Only a baby can get away with such a scandalous fashion faux pas as wearing a blanket, so why not milk it for all its worth? Set up your tot with blankets for around the house, out on the town, and whatever other daily tasks are on its agenda.
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ROGETRAY wrote:These appear to be really comfy blankies! Question though; does it matter that you purchase gender specific colors?
I'm just hanging out, really.


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inkycatz wrote:

My little boy doesn't seem to care what color things are at all; as long as they are cuddly and soft he'll cuddle up to most any blanket or stuffed animal.


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I have 2 of these blankets. I also had the crib bumper & fitted sheet when my daughter was younger. They are all great, except the fitted sheet has the soft side down & "breathable" side up so it was not as comfy. I did not find the sleepsack until my daughter was a little older, we used it for a few weeks. I would recommend this brand, I like their comfort and the fact that they are "breathable." I prefer halo sleepsacks, especially because the breathability of sleepsack do not seem to make as much of a difference, babies don't tend to sleep with their legs over their faces. My daughter always slept with her arms up above her head & never had a problem with halo sacks blocking her face, but she would always tuck her face into blankets.


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We like the Breathable Baby fabric for our little one. Their sleep sack seems a lighter alternative to Halo for the warmer months. We also really liked the dual zipper (zips from both directions rather than just top to bottom on the Halo) on the Breathable Baby... initially.
Our baby loves chewing zippers, and their zipper pulls are painted. Rather, they were. She has chewed it all off. The only response from BB was their products are designed to all the appropriate standards. I'm not really particularly concerned about her health, but thought I would point that out in case you're concerned about it and your child is a chewer. I know she'll eat more dirt and such when we're not looking, but I don't really see why the pulls even need to be painted.


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Anyone know what country these are manufactured in? Can't find the information on their web site...


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inkycatz wrote:

I think kids will decide what they like on their own regardless of what you put them in, it's just for the parents/everyone else. I try to buy at least some stuff in gender neutral colors, just because I want to be able to use it for the next kid without them looking ridiculous, haha.


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It's only going to matter to you...and maybe the kid when s/he gets older.

FYI - while many people think that pink is for girls and (baby) blue is for boys, it's really a modern convention. It was the reverse up to the early 1900s.


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SalsaShark42 wrote:Anyone know what country these are manufactured in? Can't find the information on their web site...

They're made in China.