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SmartMax Tangoes 54-Piece Magnet Bundle

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I gotta say that these look pretty cool. I think my son would have liked them.

Thoughts? Reviews? Experience?

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5 star ratings for the 36 piece set on amazon.



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Check out all of the awards they have won!


Sounds like a really solid product.


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'Wow what a cool toy' was my thought also when finding over a hundred of these (128 actually) at a yard sale. They must be crazy to be letting them go for only five bucks. Was the second thought, but in the year and a half since it has become quite obvious why.
Actual playtime has been a max of 3 or 4 times for my five and nine year old. Although they originally were very interested and put an hour or two a couple of times and the eldest has managed some very complex structures, the fun stops when the building is done. As soon as the table gets bumped or the engineering gets a little off the walls come tumbling down, and it is impossible to play with any of the finished projects you have to leave them set.
This is my best explanation for the short term appeal, lego's, tinkertoys, lincoln logs and all their other building toys have seen way more use and especially repeated use over the years, but the finished products from those can be played with without immediately falling apart. Still have them on the shelf in case of more appeal in the future because we have the space, but if we get to many lego sets from the grandparents some future xmas that may change.
Finally a suggestion for those who have or get these, find a cookie sheet that is made of ferrous metal (one the magnets stick to) to build on, this helps projects to hold still and makes them portable when complete.
Have fun.


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I work with a 17 year old boy who is non-verbal autistic. He has a similar set of magnets that he keeps in his backpack and uses to occupy himself when he gets fidgity. They are awesome for him and he constructs some amazing things. The magnets give him something to focus on while we wait for appointments- which can be a very difficult thing for him to do otherwise. I love these magnets!!!


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Why are these magnet balls ok when Bucky Balls are banned? The SmartMax lobby is more powerful?


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I prefer "Magformers". They've also won a ton of awards and all ages, including adults, are drawn to them. I own several sets and when families come to visit, I dump them on a table and everyone plays, for hours!


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bnbsouthworth wrote:Why are these magnet balls ok when Bucky Balls are banned? The SmartMax lobby is more powerful?

These even look more yummy than bucky balls.


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bnbsouthworth wrote:Why are these magnet balls ok when Bucky Balls are banned? The SmartMax lobby is more powerful?

Buckyballs are small,1/8" diameter or so. The balls in this set are 2" in diameter-much harder if not impossible to swallow.

Don't get me wrong; I own several sets of Buckyballs and disagree with the ban, but the size and scale are why these aren't banned.