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Melissa & Doug Wooden Activities

What we have here is an abundance of awesome, sometimes educational, and always safe toys. Now, that may not sound that cool in and of itself, but one of them is a train set, and another one is a penguin and a polar bear with wheels. That combo's the platonic form of fun.
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ROGETRAY wrote:See, these were the amazing types of toys I had growing up as a kid. These toys appear to educate and let you user your imagination! Are there any other kinds of classic toys you guys would like to see on Woot?
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why can't I find the pictured bracklet kit with letters?



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Is the train set Thomas compatible?

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hotdawgs wrote:why can't I find the pictured bracklet kit with letters?

It's the Wood Stringing Beads kit

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Ahh...the triangle I longed for that was missing in another woot! collection of musical instruments!! Wishes *do* come true!


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Something is telling me to "Buy from Woot" it feels... subliminal?


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miken927 wrote:Is the train set Thomas compatible?

According to the Melissa and Doug site:

All rail pieces and trains are compatible with popular wooden train sets.

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As a former VPK (pre-kindergarten) teacher, I can say that no pre-k class should be without the lacing sneaker. It makes a wonderful & welcomed donation to pre-school & pre-k classes.

10 quality post! Whoo hoo! I'M SOMEBODY!!!


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My kids use the alphabet stamps often, and they still look great after a couple of years. The included punctuation pieces are particularly well-loved. Like many Melissa & Doug wooden toys, they come with a tray but no lid.


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Of all the toys my son has, we have gotten the most mileage out of the First Bead Maze from Melissa & Doug. The suction cups are really strong and stick nicely to restaurant tables or a smooth high chair tray. The beads are really durable (ours was used as a teether frequently while the Little Dude awaited meals). My son is 13 months old and this remains a go-to toy before meals or at snack time. We actually have two of this bead maze; one for our house/travel and one for the grandparents' abode.

I have a friend with a son who is a year older than my little guy and he still plays with the maze, although now it's in a different way: he identifies the colors and shapes of the beads.

If you want to give some new parents a gift they would probably not think of buying for themselves, this bead maze is a good one, at least based on my experience.


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I'm addicted to Melissa & Doug toys...although the paint does chip sometimes.