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Green Toys: Toy-lent Green

TOYLENT GREEN IS MADE FROM- oh, that's recycled plastic? Well, THAT'S not so bad. Huh. Looks like these Green Toys are pretty okay after all. Boy, we should stop watching so many old sci-fi movies. We're too impressionable.
Green Toys official site


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How young is too young to start teaching recycling? (And will the recycling truck help?)

I'm just hanging out, really.


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We have most of these toys and have for a year now. They are very sturdy and have been a lot of fun for my now 3 year old.


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We have various ones of these and I'm surprised at how well they have held up through 3 boys.

Remember what Bob says, "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"


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My 1.5 yr old loves his tug-boat at bath time!


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I will second the tug-boat props. This is actually a really good trick toy to use, because we've found that it's super helpful with kids who are less than fond of having their hair washed. They view this (vs a cup) as more of a toy and are more likely to tilt their heads back to follow it as you rinse their heads - leading to less risk of soap/shampoo in the eyes. It also dries out very quickly, so you don't have another moldy toy in the tub.

This mom gives 2 thumbs up on the design alone. (2 recycling bins for the green aspect?) These items sell for close to retail at our local Whole Foods, but usually less on Amazon.


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second to all comments on the tugboat. grabbed one before christmas for my 21 month old daughter and she loves it. These are really well made toys. This plastic has a pebble blasted kind of finish and is a lot nicer than any of the other bath toys my kids have.

SAM's club has sold the dump truck and recycling truck in a 2-pack previously for $25 (if my memory serves) but they carry different inventory at different stores different times of the year. I did check them out the last time they carried them and the trucks are really sturdy.

I just keep buying more and more crap...


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Awesome Soylent Green reference! Both in the title and the first sentence.

I don't own any of these so I don't have anything to contribute in that regard.


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Oh my! Not exactly a kid-friendly movie reference, woot! :D



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Shoot, I had my eye on the pink dump truck the last time these were up, but it's not here this time! I shouldn't have waited.


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The firetruck was just on myhabit.com for $17 and free shipping. Aren't these both owned by amazon? What's with the $6 price difference? The dumptrucks are also $6 cheaper and @k4th3r1n3, the pink dump truck is available.



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k4th3r1n3 wrote:Shoot, I had my eye on the pink dump truck the last time these were up, but it's not here this time! I shouldn't have waited.

Here it is for $17 and free shipping



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I concur with all the other posters about how well made these are.

The dump truck has also been useful in the "Clean up game." Fill it up with Duplos, dump 'em off in the box! My son has fun, and the Duplos don't destroy my feet. Win for everyone!


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If you have a newborn or child up to 9 months, get the stacker sets and twist teether. You will not regret it. You might even kiss me when I get over influenza. You're welcome.

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My son got the twist teether for his first birthday. It is basically a really loud rattle that he can chew on, very easy to clean and sturdy. I wish I'd bought it sooner, he's still thrilled with it at 16 months.