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Craft & Activity Toys

So. 2013. Feels a lot like 2012. Kids still screaming. Dogs still pooping. Life still a mundane existential purgatory. Your child's love for you still mostly contingent on what you've recently purchased for them. Better purchase them something cool, and engaging, lest they turn to the dog for ideas.


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Stash candidates for rainy, cold weekends, Spring break, birthdays, summer vacation, zombie uprisings, and more.

Stash away, stash away! Stash away all!

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When I try to think of what kids like, nothing comes to mind faster than a political globe. Geopolitical borders are awesome!


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For the record, both Thames and Kosmos and Melissa & Doug are wonderful companies that make quality products. We sell their stuff at the store I work at.



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The Band in a Box drum busted five minutes after my 3 y/o was playing with it at Christmas.