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Girls Just Want To Have Fun

You think being a girl is all charm bracelets and knee socks, huh? Well I got news for ya, man. Being a girl is hard. The constant pressure to be pretty and funny and popular while ensuring your best friend will never be as pretty and funny and popular as you. So yeah. Sometimes there are pillow fights and hair braiding. But mostly it's just back stabbing and plotting.

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ThunderThighs wrote:Or boys. Boys can have fun too. You want to buy these for the boy in your family, go for it. We are not here to judge. Are we cool now?
I'm just hanging out, really.


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Sooooo any luck the Sigg bottle caps over on woot! plus will fit these bottles?


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My tween daughter has these and she loves them. It's her answer to wearing socks in the 20 deg weather while wearing crop pants. Her 8 year old brother won't touch them with a 33 1/2 foot pole. His fashion statements run more towards wearing his underwear on his head.

My disclaimer: I don't pick out their outfits. My son's dresser is full of Woot Shirts though!