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ZOLO Infant Toys: Zoo Only Live Once

The key to a child's happiness is a loving parent. The key to a loving parent is a distracted child. The key to a distracted child is an awesome Zolo toy. The key to an awesome Zolo toy is Kids.Woot. The key to Kids.Woot is good looking, smart, sexy Wooters like you. Yeah, I'm talking to you, specifically. The one with the credit card.

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Linko, Fuzzi, Beanstax? Sounds like a new band is starting up. How about some personal reviews on these toys?

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Ten-month-old Baby Kid here got the Stacrobats for Christmas. They're pretty cool; problem is, she's more interested in her big brother's stuff and various non-toy items (pens, cat, Transformers).

I didn't know until I looked up the price that the Stacrobats cost that much. They're nicely made and they zip up into the circle that also acts as a base. There aren't enough pieces to build something really cool, though. Just enough to experiment with how magnets work.

If I had that much money to blow on an all-ages magnetic toy, I'd get some of those fancy-ass Tegu wooden blocks. And we like the Geomag Gbaby stuff, which is plastic but priced lower and is great fun in the bath.


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I have an activity mat that looks just like Zolo's that I bought for 20 bucks (retail value). Mine only came with 1 toy and the mat is thinner, but Zolo still seems pretty overpriced. Maybe if it played music and had a laser light show feature it'd be worth 140. (Disco ball would be sold separately.)


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I have a set of the Beanstax, 12-pc Stacking Beanbags. I like playing with them, since they are fun little beanbags with interesting textures and material and colors. They were a present for my daughter (got it when she was 6mo, she is now almost 2yrs), and while she plays with them from time to time, and will carry them around as "pets", they have gotten more play time from me than her. Mostly because she likes dangerous past times, and these are pretty safe. She only really is happy when running with a pointy stabby tool in her hand. Go figure.


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Also have the Peeko, Surprise Box. This one she did like quite a bit. still plays with the little weirdo toy from the middle of the cube.


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We have the Beanstax. Our 8 month old loves to play with them. Personally, I like to juggle with them, which my son loves to watch.