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Kelty Kids Sleeping Bag - 2 Colors

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4 years ago
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Discussion from the last time these were offered.

I have no personal experience with these sleeping bags, but I own four Kelty packs and they're absolutely amazing: top-notch workmanship with durable materials. Plus, Kelty's customer service is absolutely amazing: every report of customer service is glowing: whether the problem was manufacturing (rare) or user error, they go above and beyond to work with their customers. You can't go wrong with a Kelty product.

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Kelty Big Dipper Youth Sleeping Bag -Price Comparisons - Product Video

Today on Woot = $39.99 + $5 Shipping
Woot Today beats next closest competitor (Campmor) with $14.99 lower price.

See design and product info video here,

Toys R Us (Pink/Girls) = $69.99 + Ships Free

Outdoor Play (Blue/Boys & Pink/Girls) = $68.95 + Ships Free

ebay (Pink/Girls) = $69.95 + Ships Free

Campmor (Blue/Boys & Pink/Girls) = $59.98 + Ships Free

Amazon = $61.29 (Girls/Pink) and $68.96 )Boys/Blue) + Ships Free

All dealers and prices above found using a random Google search. Your own random search may find more/addiional dealers and differing and/or lower prices.


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I know it says "kids" but this thing will totally fit my wife. It's a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a full size adult bag as well.