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Kids Adjustable Quad Skates- Two Choices

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My daughter has a pair of these and absolutely loves them. I also like the fact that they are easily adjustable, so I won't need to buy a new pair for awhile.


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At only $18 a pair, they don't even need to be adjustable. If your kid ends up skating with any regularity, these are going to quickly get tossed in favor of actual roller skates. Real beginner skates are $100 + tax and $10 shipping. Used ones can be bought on eBay for about half of that.


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We bought some on a previous woot and they are a great beginner skate. Love that they are size-adjustable, but haven't been able to adjust wheel tension which would be nice. Still, no regrets and the girl loves them!


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when did roller skates change to "quad" skates?

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I do not like the idea of children wearing used footwear. Other people wear down their shoes in a certain pattern and that can make it uncomfortable for the next person wearing them. This is why I always buy skates.


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I think $18 bucks is a GREAT price to teach a child how to skate or to skate with their friends outside.


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I think every parent hopes their child aspires to be a roller boogie phenom!

Oh, how I miss the days hanging out at Interskate 91 and the Dream Machine at Hampshire Mall!

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Please woot these again - I was an Loco in the Coco and only bought one pair! My other son is almost big enough for his own and really wants them.

These are fantastic. The size adjustment is quite intuitive. My husband ended up taking the entire inside out, which was a snap, would be easy to do if you need to clean them.

My 6 year old son loves them and is practicing nonstop.