The two blue things are things to help put on the lock nuts. I had the same leftovers you did as well as the c clamp things that are referenced nowhere.

My problem was holes that did not match and having to drill holes in plastic and metal (good thing I have a well stocked shop) to do something that ought to be engineered correctly.

For an excellent example, look at Mattel HOT WHEELS.

tdrewmitchell wrote:OK - An update, with some suggestions.

1) I was definitely missing a piece. I had one too many of the smaller pushnut, and one short on the larger pushnut. This looks assembled, but really I'm missing the final pushnut to hold the wheel on.

2) The pieces don't fit together very well - it takes a little elbow grease, but they will. I put the bike together in reverse order, attaching handle bars first.

3)) The instructions are TERRIBLE, mostly because they contain pictures only - with little description, and legend/key for parts is poor & not comprehensible.

4) I had several "extra" parts when complete. Most interestingly, the "C" shaped part was not referenced in the instructions, and caused confusion. The pushnut I point to here was too small for final assembly.

5) I found my garage floor to be the easiest surface to pound the pushnuts on with hammer.

It looks cool, but my 3 year old daughter will not be riding it until the hardware store re-opens.

Merry Christmas all.