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3D Puzzles

Ever fantasized about being Godzilla? King Kong? Mothra? Ghidora? Rodan (the pterodactyl, not the painter)?  Baragon? Gamera? Mecha-Godzilla? Son of Godzilla? Super Godzilla? Space Godzilla? Well, regardless of which city-destroying kaiju you've always wanted to be, destroying these hyper realistic 3D puzzles will help.
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I remember constructing a few puzzles growing up. Nothing fancy like these though. What do you think of these?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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What is the age recommendations? My daughter loves puzzles, but at 4.5, might be too young. TIA


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Will these ship in time for xmas?


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dae1 wrote:Will these ship in time for xmas?

As previously noted by another moderator for Plus items:

This is the tag you'll see on products designed to arrive for the holidays.

For Woot Plus items, I would always advise picking upgraded shipping to be absolutely certain, but then I am quite a nervous wreck when it comes to shopping so close to the holidays. Generally these holiday tags won't be found on plus items because the sale tends to run several days and what may be true for buyers on Friday may not be true for people waiting to buy on Monday or Tuesday when the sale ends.

tl; dr: Shop early, consider upgraded shipping.


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Are these designed to be built once only, or can these be taken apart and built over again?


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Y'know, 3D puzzles cover a range from cardboard to http://www.art45.com/Berrocalrichelieu1.html -- it's tough to get a feel for this one based on "13 pieces".


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"This set includes 111 pieces"

Why do I found this very hard to believe ?


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I was wondering what exactly these things are like. Legos? Plastic models?

I found these videos which show a guy assembling the Empire State Building (CF048H) set. They appear to be sturdy paper/cardboard models that fold and snap into place. Watch the videos to get a better idea of what these sets are as far as materials and build quality:

Part 1: http://youtu.be/URSDsjbtLEM

Part 2: http://youtu.be/QXUpayCHpgg


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"Not included: Mitt Romney"



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I could have too much fun with the RMS Titanic 3D puzzle.


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Am I crazy?? There's no way to order more than one puzzle of a different type??


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gkholbrook wrote:Am I crazy?? There's no way to order more than one puzzle of a different type??

i feel like we don't know each other well enough for me to weigh in on your first question, but as for the second....

no. i know that's wacky and it makes purchasing cumbersome, but unfortunately, you'll have to place multiple orders if you want to buy more than one kind of puzzle. (as always, you unlock free shipping after your initial purchase.)

Not sure if you should post that? This slightly-nsfw-flowchart will help.


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How do these compare to Wrebbit 3D puzzles? The Wrebbit puzzles are amazing.


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EDIT: Oops - reviewed based on misunderstanding of the product description. Now I'm not sure these are the same as the awesome puzzles of the same buildings I've done in the past. Move along, nothing to read here.